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OKLAHOMA CITY (April 17, 2013) –  A $48.6 million payment was deposited into the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust Fund today after Oklahoma received a $64.8 million payment as part of the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement. With the addition of this year’s payment, Oklahoma has received $1.04 billion in payments over the 15 years since the settlement.

With today’s payment, the endowment’s total balance is $797 million. Only the earnings from investments are used to fund grants and programs focused on preventing and reducing tobacco use and other programs to improve health.

Oklahoma City (Feb. 4, 2013) – Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin today in her State of the State address called for the restoration of local rights for Oklahoma communities allowing communities to decide to be 100 percent smokefree.

The TSET Board of Directors and Oklahoma State Board of Health have approved resolutions in support of restoring local rights that allow cities to pass smokefree ordinances. To date, ten communities across the state have also passed resolutions asking for the restoration of local rights.

OKLAHOMA CITY (Dec. 12, 2012) -- Health rankings released Tuesday show the health of Oklahomans is improving, but challenges still remain and the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET) continues to make improving Oklahoma’s health a priority.

The United Health Foundation’s report for 2012 lists Oklahoma 43rd among the 50 states in rankings that look at indicators like smoking, sedentary lifestyle and access to primary care physicians.

OKLAHOMA CITY (Nov. 20, 2012) – The Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust’s Board of Directors is encouraging lawmakers to consider legislation that protects Oklahomans from toxic secondhand smoke.

OKLAHOMA CITY (May 17, 2012) -- The board of directors for the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust on Thursday approved $186,000 in incentive grants as part of the trust’s Healthy Communities Incentive Grant program.

These grants will help municipalities to continue to work on projects that promote physical activity, wellness and overall community health. Communities certified by the Oklahoma Certified Healthy Communities program were eligible to apply for the grants.


Whitney Dinger, Public Information and Outreach Specialist

Whitney Dinger
Public Information Officer