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Mental Health and Tobacco

Did you know diseases from smoking cause about 480,000 fatalities per year in the United States alone? Almost half of these deaths occur in people with mental health and substance abuse disorders. People with mental illness smoke nearly half of all cigarettes produced. 

Nationally, about 1 in 5 adults have some form of a behavioral health disorder, and about a third smoke cigarettes. In Oklahoma, nearly 46% of adults with a behavioral health disorder smoke cigarettes. 

TSET funds a grant to the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services to promote tobacco-use cessation and promote tobacco-free environments among all behavioral health facilities and encourage physical activity and improved nutrition. These treatment agencies referred more than 5,000 patients to the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline in fiscal year 2016. The Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline’s Quit Coaches are specially trained to help those struggling with tobacco use and mental health disorders. In FY 16, nearly half of all callers to the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline self-reported that they have one or more mental health or substance abuse disorder. 

The Helpline provides the tools and support you need to quit tobacco your own way - without judgment. To learn more about the FREE services offered by the Helpline, click here.