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Creating Partnerships and Opportunities

The TSET Healthy Living Program of Logan County seeks ways to help every entity and individual in the county be the healthiest they can be

From Communities of Excellence to the TSET Healthy Living Program, the TSET community-based grantee in Logan County has built a legacy of fostering partnerships to improve the health of county residents.

“We want to be the healthiest county, so we try to put a little health into everything,” said Courtney McLemore, a TSET Healthy Living Program coordinator at the Logan County Health Department. “As coordinators, we are constantly looking for ways to partner, new conversations to have, and healthy programs and policies to implement.”

In 2012, the Logan County Health Department began working through the TSET Communities of Excellence (CX) in Nutrition and Physical Activity grant, and then in June 2015 the health department received the TSET Healthy Living Program grant. This five-year grant program supports the prevention and reduction of tobacco use and obesity in an effort to lessen the burden of unhealthy behaviors on our state.

Building and assessing partnerships was the main focus of the first TSET Healthy Living Program grant year. In this second grant year, the coordinators moved beyond conducting assessments to planning for policy-related actions and events. So far, one of their biggest events has been Guthrie Summer Streets.

Guthrie Summer Streets was an Open Streets event, where streets are temporarily closed from automobile traffic and opened up for walking, bicycling, dancing, playing, and socializing. The first Guthrie Summer Streets event took place in August 2016.

“We wanted people to get out, see what Guthrie had to offer, and to enjoy our car-free streets” said McLemore. “The event provided an easy, fun way to get people out of the house and it showed them that their community could be an enjoyable place to play, explore and shop.”

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