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TSET Better Health Podcast

TSET Better Health Podcast

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The TSET Better Health Podcast is your go-to source for everything related to tobacco, health, fitness and community. Join us each month as we cover topics like health care in rural communities, mental health and tobacco use, childhood obesity and prevention, farmers markets, our Healthy Living Program grants and grantees, and more. You can find us online anywhere you listen to podcasts. Please follow our Facebook page for updates.

Episode 18: Oklahoma Center for Adult Stem Cell Research

August 26, 2021

Explore the exciting world of stem cell research with Courtney Griffin, Ph.D., Scientific Director at the Oklahoma Center for Adult Stem Cell Research. This innovative approach to regenerative care shows promise in areas across the medical spectrum from blindness to COVID-19. Join your hosts and TSET Executive Director Julie Bisbee to learn about this state-of-the-art research facility right here in Oklahoma that is helping TSET fulfill its mission.

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