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Unsolicited Grants

Unsolicited Grants

Applying for an Unsolicited grant

The TSET Board of Directors typically issues a request for proposal when seeking applicants for grants.

As funding is available, applications for unsolicited grants will be accepted. The application process is generally a two-stage process involving a brief proposal, followed by a full proposal, upon request of the board.

TSET is not accepting unsolicited grant proposals at this time. Read More

The Grant Review and Award Notification Process

Proposals must relate to TSET’s mission and the TSET Strategic Plan.

All brief proposals should be submitted a minimum of 90 calendar days prior to any regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors. TSET cannot guarantee that every proposal submitted according to the timeline will be considered at the next board meeting. The TSET Board of Directors has the discretion to determine whether proposals submitted less than 90 calendar days prior to a regularly scheduled board meeting will be heard at the upcoming meeting.

Proposals may require additional time if they are complex or require external review.

Board Meeting Dates

Deadlines for submission of full proposals will be addressed with the applicant after the board’s decision on the brief proposal. To discuss any special circumstances please contact the Director of Grants Management at 405-521-3888.

For additional information, please read our Unsolicited Grant Proposal Guidelines.

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