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TSET Board of Directors Awards More than $40,000 in Healthy Schools Incentive Grants

OKLAHOMA CITY (Friday, Aug. 26, 2016) – The TSET Board of Directors on Friday approved more than $40,000 in grants to four school districts and two school sites through the TSET Healthy Schools Incentive Grant program.

Grants are awarded to schools that have implemented key strategies to increase healthy opportunities for employees and students. Key strategies for schools include a district wellness policy that focuses on better nutrition and more physical activity to improve the health of students. Schools must also provide a tobacco-free, vape free environment at all times on school property and at school sponsored events.

The Districts awarded plan to use their incentive grant funds for a range of health promoting strategies such as purchasing exercise equipment, health education curriculum, AEDs and disaster kits or equipment to provide fresh, clean drinking water. The school sites plan to use funds for Action Based Learning equipment as well as stand up desks and kinesthetic classroom equipment. Research shows kids who are active achieve better academic outcomes.

TSET incentive grants are available to communities and schools that have received certification through the Certified Healthy Oklahoma program, which is a partnership between the Oklahoma Academy for State Goals, the Oklahoma Turning Point Council, the State Chamber and the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

These grant funds are earmarked as part of a long-term, comprehensive effort to prevent Oklahoma students from starting to smoke or become obese, ultimately preventing the disease, disability and death caused by each. The TSET Board of Directors is committed to sustaining the incentive grant program and other grant commitments even as the board addresses a decrease in endowment earnings and has postponed funding new grant initiatives.

As a result of implementing these key strategies, schools are able to determine how the incentive funds will be used to promote health. Grant funds are frequently used to leverage other funds for projects that advance health. Incentive grants amounts are based on enrollment and the types of strategies implemented.

“We are proud to recognize communities and schools that are making the healthy choice the easy choice,” said TSET Executive Director Tracey Strader. “By taking the actions recommended by the Certified Healthy Oklahoma and TSET Incentive Grant programs, these communities and schools are making meaningful changes that encourage Oklahomans to live a healthy lifestyle and prevent tobacco use and obesity before they take root. Combined with other prevention efforts, these communities and schools are working to reduce the demand on an already stressed health care system; saving lives and saving money.”

Healthy District Incentive Grant Awards



Brushy Public Schools


Hugo Public Schools


Stillwater Public Schools


Zaneis Public Schools




Healthy Schools Incentive Grant Awards



Coyle Elementary


Jenks West Elementary



$11, 500

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