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Resolution Supporting Oklahoma Health Improvement Plan

Resolution Supporting Oklahoma Health Improvement Plan

Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust Board of Directors
May 18, 2010   

Whereas, Oklahoma currently ranks near the bottom of all states in important health status indicators that include leading the nation in deaths due to heart disease, ranking as the sixth worst state in the nation in adult obesity, having an adult smoking prevalence of 24.7 percent, and an infant mortality rate consistently higher than the national average; and

Whereas, these outcomes are often tied to personal health behaviors such as tobacco use, poor nutrition habits, lack of exercise, use of alcohol, and high rates of mental illness; and

Whereas, if Oklahoma was simply able to match the national average in health status indicators, 5,320 Oklahoma lives would be saved each year; and

Whereas, in 2008, the Oklahoma State Legislature issued Senate Joint Resolution No. 41, which required the Oklahoma State Board of Health to prepare and present to the Legislature a health improvement plan for Oklahoma; and

Whereas, the Board of Health conducted community listening sessions and convened a broad-based group involving committed individuals representing business, labor, legislature, health care providers, tribes, academia, non-profit health organizations, state and local government agencies, professional affiliations, and parents and charged them with developing a health improvement plan guided by strategic planning principles and the Oklahoma Health Improvement Plan is a culmination of this group’s work; and

Whereas, the final Oklahoma Health Improvement Plan recommendations – presented to the Oklahoma State Legislature on December 10, 2009 – focus on several key priorities and outcomes including developing and initiating appropriate policies and legislation to maximize opportunities for all Oklahomans to lead healthy lives; then

Therefore be it resolved that the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust Board of Directors heartily extends its support of the programmatic and policy recommendations outlined within the Oklahoma Health Improvement Plan that will transform Oklahoma from a state that consistently reports a poor health status to a state that assures all Oklahomans will lead healthier lives…indeed, perhaps saving 5,320 lives each year.

Adopted: May 18, 2010