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Oklahoma study shows health care providers, social media useful in educating on dangers of tobacco

Health care providers are among the most trusted sources for information about the benefits of quitting tobacco, and social media messages can be a cost-effective tool – especially when targeting a low-income population, according to a recent article published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, Public Health and Surveillance.

The article analyzed evaluations from Tobacco Stops With Me media campaigns, and asked respondents to rate how much they trusted sources of information. Respondents had the most trust in health care providers – especially those they interact with – following by friends and family and health insurers.

Respondents were more likely to trust health providers and other sources they have a relationship with. The survey also examined levels of trust in information from media sources like the internet, television, radio and social media.

The study found that e-cigarette users were less likely to trust radio and smokeless users were more likely to trust radio. Nearly 40 percent of respondents reported use of social media for tobacco-related health information, and trust in social media increased as income decreased.

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