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The Oklahoma Medical Loan Repayment Program

The Oklahoma Medical Loan Repayment Program

Placing Doctors in Underserved Communities

TSET is committed to improving the health of all Oklahomans, and we recognize the critical need of placing physicians in rural and medically underserved communities. To achieve this objective, TSET offers the Oklahoma Medical Loan Repayment Program. The program pays off student loans for primary care physicians who establish practices in medically underserved areas.

How It Works

Physicians must agree to establish a practice in a medically underserved area of the state for a minimum of two years. The physician then becomes eligible for student loan repayments that last up to four years, so long as physician maintains his or her practice in the community. 

To date, more than 112,000 patient visits have been conducted through physicians participating in the program. In addition, more than 1,250 patients have been referred to the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline.