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OKLAHOMA CITY (May 17, 2012) -- The board of directors for the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust on Thursday approved $186,000 in incentive grants as part of the trust’s Healthy Communities Incentive Grant program.

These grants will help municipalities to continue to work on projects that promote physical activity, wellness and overall community health. Communities certified by the Oklahoma Certified Healthy Communities program were eligible to apply for the grants.

OKLAHOMA CITY (Feb. 16, 2012) -- The board of the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust on Thursday approved two unsolicited proposals that seek to improve the health of Oklahomans. 

The first proposal works to recruit and retain physicians to establish practices in rural Oklahoma. The second proposal approved Thursday helps remodel the state Capitol’s smoking room into a fitness center. 

OKLAHOMA CITY (Nov. 16, 2011) – The Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET) during its quarterly meeting approved a five-year, $30-million grant to the Peggy and Charles Stephenson Cancer Center creating the TSET Cancer Research Program, and awarded an additional $4-million increase to the Oklahoma Center for Adult Stem Cell Research (OCASCR) for the next four years.

OKLAHOMA CITY (September 13, 2011) – The Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET), will be offering Healthy Communities Incentive Grants to cities that receive certification through the newly created Certified Healthy Communities (CHC) program which is administered by the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH).

OKLAHOMA CITY (September 9, 2011) – During its quarterly meeting, the board of directors of the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET) was notified that certified earnings from the fund were $18.9 million. Utilizing these funds, the board approved continued funding for prevention of tobacco use and obesity through community and statewide grants, and health communications campaigns. Research grants, which advance the prevention and treatment of cancer and other tobacco-related diseases, were also renewed.


Whitney Dinger, Public Information and Outreach Specialist

Whitney Dinger
Public Information Officer