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OKLAHOMA CITY (November 20, 2015): The TSET Board of Directors in November elected new officers for the upcoming year.

TSET Board Chair Jim Gebhart was re-elected for his second term as chair by his fellow board members. Don Millican, of Tulsa, was elected to his first term as vice chair of the TSET Board of Directors.

OKLAHOMA CITY (November 20, 2015) – The TSET Board of Directors approved $79,000 in incentive grants for communities and school districts at their quarterly board meeting.

Grants were awarded to four cities and two school districts as part of the TSET Healthy Community and Healthy Schools incentive grant programs at the TSET Board of Directors quarterly board meeting earlier this month.

OKLAHOMA CITY (Nov. 2, 2015)– TSET offers incentive grants to eligible communities that have met criteria established for the program such as tobacco-free policies, availability of fresh fruits and vegetables, and increasing opportunities for residents to become more physically active. 
To be eligible to apply communities must first have been recognized through the Certified Healthy Oklahoma program, a partnership between the Oklahoma Academy for State Goals, the Oklahoma Turning Point Council, the State Chamber and the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

Hydro, OK  (October 30 2015) – The Hydro-Eakly Public School District was presented with a $3,000 check Friday as part of the Healthy School District Incentive Grant program through the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET). 

Oklahoma City, OK (October 6, 2015) - The TSET Board of Directors voted to delay any new funding commitments this fiscal year at their quarterly board meeting.

Earnings from the investments in the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust decreased, like many national managed funds, due to international market volatility. Investment earnings will allow the TSET Board of Directors to meet all currently funded grants – most are multi-year grants.

TSET staff will continue to be available to discuss potential projects of prospective applicants.


Whitney Dinger, Public Information and Outreach Specialist

Whitney Dinger
Public Information Officer