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Make Healthy Swaps to Eat Better and Move More in 2017

Improve your health every day with small, simple changes from Shape Your Future 

OKLAHOMA CITY (December 28, 2016) – The New Year often includes goals to eat healthier and get more exercise. To make sure that Oklahomans don’t drop the ball on their healthier lifestyle goals, Shape Your Future shares ways to make healthy swaps. By encouraging Oklahoma families to try swapping out a few poor food choices and activities for easy, healthy ones.

These healthy swaps consist of small, realistic changes that can be made to help Oklahomans eat better and move more. With better health, people can stay protected from lifestyle-related chronic diseases, like obesity and cardiovascular disease – two of Oklahoma’s top causes of preventable death.

“The New Year is the perfect time to concentrate on making healthy lifestyle choices,” said John Woods, executive director of TSET. “Making simple food and exercise swaps are one way to do that. Knowing some quick, low-cost choices can make being healthier even easier, now and all year long.”

Healthy food swaps include choosing whole grains, lean meats, and fruits and veggies over less nutritious food options. There are also several healthy cooking swaps, like using applesauce instead of vegetable oil.

Oklahomans can also choose to swap sedentary activities with ones that include more physical movement. Shape Your Future encourages families to swap screen time for play time and to add physical activity to their morning routines by doing squats or calf raises while brushing their teeth. Adding just 30 daily minutes of physical activity for adults and 60 minutes for kids to the day, can get everyone on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

“These small changes can lead to big results,” said Woods. “Improving your food and activity choices helps create healthy habits for the future.”

This new year, join Shape Your Future in exploring healthy food and activity swaps, and have a healthier, happier 2017. For a complete list of healthy lifestyle swaps, visit You can also find other tools and resources, and dozens of easy, low-cost recipes too. Connect with Shape Your Future on Facebook or Twitter at ShapeFutureOK and share your own versions of healthy swaps.

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To improve community health, Shape Your Future encourages Oklahomans to eat better, drink water, move more and be tobacco free. By leading healthy lifestyles, Oklahomans can decrease the number of citizens who fall victim to death and disease while increasing community health, physical activity and quality of life. For more information, go to

The Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET) serves as a partner and bridge builder for organizations working to shape a healthier future for all Oklahomans. TSET provides leadership at the intersections of health by working with local coalitions and initiatives across the state, by cultivating innovative and life-changing research, and by working across public and private sectors to develop, support, implement and evaluate creative strategies to take advantage of emerging opportunities to improve the public’s health. TSET – Better Lives Through Better Health. To learn more go to: