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Julie Bisbee: TSET's proven programs make shifts to healthier lifestyle easier

For too many people, the idea of changing or improving their health seems out of reach. We get used to hearing that Oklahoma is at the bottom for health rankings, and changing that seems untenable. At TSET, our proven programs and grants work to remove barriers and create and support environments that make it easier to make those shifts toward a healthier lifestyle.

I am honored to serve as the new executive director of TSET – because our work makes a difference. Whether it’s programs that get more doctors to rural areas or community-based grants that support local change to create a healthier environment, our work is saving lives and saving dollars.

I believe in the potential of Oklahomans and TSET provides the resources and support for behavior change like quitting smoking or increasing physical activity that at the end of the day translates to improved quality of life and a healthier Oklahoma.

TSET’s grants, programs and leadership improve the lives of Oklahomans. We see it not only in programmatic outcomes, but we hear it when we visit with Oklahomans that have been impacted by our work. Former smokers who quit using the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline, a busy family that’s incorporating more physical activity and fruits and vegetables into their day to help their children have healthier habits or a family who is celebrating another holiday with a loved one who received cancer treatment at the Stephenson Cancer Center. We are also seeing changes in communities that are adding sidewalks and trails to help citizens be active or businesses that adopt tobacco free policies and see worker productivity improve.

Throughout my career, I have prided myself on serving the greater good. I started my career as a journalist, parlayed that into advocacy for children at the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy and joined TSET as the Public Information Officer in 2012. It was my job to not only understand our grants and programs, but to communicate that impact to partners, policymakers, lawmakers and the public while maintaining transparency and accountability. I will continue to uphold those same values in this new leadership role.

What we have with TSET is a model for the nation and I’m looking forward to the progress we will accomplish together.

Check out this video to learn more about TSET's new Executive Director.