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Career Opening: Health Communication Manager II

The Health Communication Manager II is primarily responsible for public relations and marketing strategy development and oversight with an emphasis on project planning, development, implementation, long-term brand(s) strategic planning and evaluation of statewide comprehensive program marketing components for specified brand(s) utilizing social marketing strategies. This position may assist with the processing of invoices from contractors and/or for partners and with contract monitoring duties as assigned. 

This position will coordinate other staff, contractors, collaborative partners and/or grantees as appropriate to develop, manage and disseminate effective comprehensive marketing campaign(s). This position will integrate the priorities of TSET thought leadership into communications and identify opportunities for meetings, convenings and collaborations.

The Health Communication Manager II will collaborate with other public and private organizations to promote the agency’s programs through campaigns and activities as directed by the Director of Health Communication and Marketing.

This position will be primarily responsible for the Tobacco Stops With Me public education campaign and the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline promotional messaging.


•    Manages and develops communication tools and information for program-related websites and other technology-based communication tools.
•    Provides project management including leading team meetings, creation and maintenance of work schedules, and provision of feedback regarding results, quality, and project deliverables with grantees, contractors and other collaborative partners.
•    Works with TSET staff and outside consultants to ask important questions, examine available data and find answers to augment future communication or agency efforts.
•    In conjunction with agency efforts, serves as liaison between TSET and other organizations to foster collaboration to advance TSET goals
•    Continually monitors and brings new ideas, innovative practices, and new ways of implementing old ideas with an eye for operational efficiency within the agency.
•    Establishes and maintains library of news relevant to health communication brands to support brand communication efforts.
•    Travels in-state and out-of-state as needed to build capacity, provide training or receive training.
•    Establishes and maintains cooperative and collaborative relationships with program staff, grantees, contractors and partners.
•    Advises and consults with appropriate staff or partners on local media activities.
As assigned will:
•    Provide writing and editing assistance to TSET executive director and public information office staff, as directed by the Director of Health Communication and Marketing.
•    Assist with the processing of invoices from contractors and/or for partners and with contract monitoring duties.
•    Assist with long-term strategic planning for health communication brand initiatives.
As needed will:
•    Provide assistance to the Director of Health Communication and Marketing on day-to-day activities on assigned projects.
•    Bring together TSET resources to solve agency problems through strategic decision-making under the direction of the Director of Communication.
•    Build original training based on identified need related to communications planning and media relations, utilizing current national research on effective campaign, message planning, or any other topic important to grantee success.
•    Provide supervisory duties for TSET HC intern(s), including training, guidance, technical direction and growth opportunities.


Knowledge of:
•    all aspects of and experience in marketing, public relations, advertising and social-marketing principles, methods and tactics including extensive knowledge of social media as well as tradition and digital media.
•    advanced usage of English language, including grammar and composition.
•    project management processes and understanding of project management and leadership.

Skills including:
•    working with advertising/media agency(ies), photographers, video crews, media buying and earned media placement, message.
•    branding and strategic messaging as well as executive communications.
•    framing, news writing and research, social media, publishing techniques and procedures, media.
•    monitoring and analysis (including post-buys to determine the reach, frequency and impact of media campaigns).

Abilities required to:
•    develop and maintain effective working relationships with a variety of people, to facilitate progress toward goal achievement.
•    manage change effectively.
•    practice and uphold public relations principles and codes of ethics.
•    leverage research, data and insights to inform initiatives and communicate results.
•    plan, organize and direct the work of contractors, support staff, team members and monitor project budgets and timelines.
•    use MS Office Products, Adobe products and other health communications software proficiently.


At minimum, the Health Communication Manager II must have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution of higher learning in public relations, advertising, marketing, communications and/or journalism or related field.

Requirements for Health Communication Manager II are:
•    Minimum of five years of professional-level communications experience to include utilization of public relations principles and techniques, marketing and project management.
•    Minimum of three years of brand management experience.
•    Minimum of one year of supervisory experience.
•    Knowledge of AP style.
•    Knowledge of graphic design terminology and practices.
•    Strong presentation skills
•    Long-term strategic planning of on multiple brands. Evaluation and academic publication experience.


Director of Health Communication and Marketing


$63,000 - $65,000

Closing Date: Sunday, May 10, 2020 at Midnight

Resume with cover letter submitted by mail may be sent to:

  • Melanie Sommers
    Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust
    2800 N. Lincoln Blvd, Suite 202
    Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Electronic resumes MUST be received by Midnight on closing date and may be sent to: [email protected]