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Because of TSET…

Because of TSET…

Since it was created in 2000, TSET’s primary mission has been to prevent and reduce cancer, stroke and heart disease, Oklahoma’s leading causes of death. Tobacco use and obesity are the two leading risk factors for these serious illnesses.

From the beginning, TSET’s grants and programs worked to make Oklahoma a healthier place. Today, TSET grants and programs are helping to make this vision a reality.

TSET-Funded Grants

  • Tobacco Cessation: TSET funds the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline, which offers FREE support to help Oklahomans quit tobacco. In addition, TSET awards grants to health care providers and other groups to help encourage referrals to the Helpline.
  • Health Communications Interventions: TSET’s Tobacco Stops with Me, Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline and Shape Your Future encourage healthy lifestyle choices by Oklahomans.
  • Research: TSET invests in research to promote new scientific discoveries and give Oklahomans access to cutting-edge cancer treatments.
  • Physician Recruitment: To improve the health of ALL Oklahomans, TSET recruits physicians to rural and medically underserved communities across the state.
  • Wellness Grants: To date, TSET has given $2.7 million to schools, school districts and local communities that adopt health-promoting policies and strategies.

Is it Working?

Since the launch of these innovative programs and grants, amazing progress has been made. TSET initiatives have saved tens of thousands of lives and billions of dollars in healthcare costs. Additionally, Oklahoma’s adult smoking rates have dropped significantly in recent years.

What impact has TSET had to improve the health of Oklahomans?

Led by professors and scientists from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health and the University of Oklahoma, an independent study was conducted to determine the extent of TSET’s impact. Researchers conclude that TSET’s grants and programs have had an overwhelmingly positive effect on Oklahoma’s health by rapidly reducing adult smoking.

Because of TSET’s investments in grants and programs, Oklahoma’s smoking rate has dropped 10x faster than similar states.

To read, download or learn more about the study, click here.

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127,000 Fewer Current Smokers42,000 Lives Saved$1.24 billion in direct medical costs avoidedSmoking among kids cut in half.