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‘TSET Better Health Podcast’ premieres March 10

The “TSET Better Health Podcast,” a new way to keep informed about health issues facing households and communities throughout Oklahoma, launches March 10.

The monthly podcast can be found at and will cover topics that include health care in rural communities, tobacco use, childhood obesity and prevention, farmers markets and TSET grants.

TSET health communication consultant James Tyree and TSET employee Cate Howell co-host the podcast’s first episode discussing Tobacco 21, the new federal law restricting sale of tobacco products to people under the age of 21.

Howell will interview Amy Cohn, PhD, a researcher at the Oklahoma Tobacco Research Center. She will address how Tobacco 21 is the first step toward a broader movement in limiting tobacco use and how it affects youth and young adults.

Tyree will talk with Nancy Packwood, owner of Alameda Market and Tackle, a convenience store in Norman, Oklahoma. Packwood will provide her perspective on how the new law has affected her business and why she supports Tobacco 21.

Find the “TSET Better Health Podcast” at or anywhere podcasts are found. Follow Oklahoma TSET on Facebook for updates.