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Oklahoma State Department of Health

Oklahoma State Department of Health

The Oklahoma State Department of Health: Partnering With TSET to Administer FITNESSGRAMS®

FITNESSGRAM® is a free tool available to Oklahoma schools, grades 3-8. It assesses five areas of physical health – body composition, aerobic capacity, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. The assessments determine whether students are in a “healthy fitness zone” for their age and gender.

FITNESSGRAM® generates confidential reports that can be used to help students set personal fitness goals and improve their overall health. Plus, general FITNESSGRAM® reports help schools develop their physical fitness programs to better support the health and academic success of their students.

The program is provided through a partnership of the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust, Oklahoma State Department of Health, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma, and the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

224 schools have taken Fitnessgram assessments

Benefits of the Program

FITNESSGRAM® assessments provide crucial physical fitness information that can help:

  • Students assess and plan personal fitness programs
  • Teachers design the curriculum for physical education programs
  • Parents and guardians understand their children’s fitness levels